Increasing project velocity by introducing multidisciplinary micro-teams

Global Manufacturing and Engineering Company, Platform Creation, Munich 2020

the problem

Creating a unified  B2B platform

 A global manufacturing and engineering company wanted to build the digital future of the manufacturing business by creating a unified B2B platform that integrated ecommerce, support, marketing and brand content.  With over 150 people comprising the team, this project was like driving a 'design bus' at warp speed.


my role

Leading the design of pivotal pages

Leading a team of 3 experience designers, I was in charge of three key areas within the new platform: product detail page, product recommendation, and the product comparison tool.  I was in charge of delivering holistic templates complete with technical annotations including all error cases. 



creating Microteams

Cutting delivery time for validated concepts from 1 month to 1 week

It became evident early-on that the challenges we faced as a design team were lengthy: undefined requirements, a multidisciplinary team of 150 spanning 53 countries, and we needed to deliver a clean UI without losing any information and functions for our  various user needs.  We have all been there: meeting after meeting with various tracks trying to understand what is to be done and having no time to actually do whatever you are supposed to be doing. I quickly pulled the breaks and requested a team re-org complemented by a rejig of meeting focus. Therefore, we formed multidisciplinary micro-teams that focused on clarifying requirements through a design focused bi-weekly. This changed the focus from each track running in parallel to all tracks working cohesively together to solve the requirement in question. This translated into every single piece of information that we placed into our templates had been vigorously scrutinized by all teams involved: visual design, business analysts, backend/frontend development, and UX. This not only increased the speed at which we were able to deliver templates and annotations to development teams, but we were able to deliver more confident designs at 4x the speed. 

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