Communicating tranformation through the development of interactive prototypes 

Publicis  Sapient, Client Confidential, Munich 2022

the problem

Transforming the lives of industrial engineers 

A leading UK supplier of industrial and electronic components had a big goal: to transform the lives of millions of industrial engineers with a digital experience that makes performing their work easier and faster. In order to find out how I could help them reach their goal- I completed an internal research audit and performed interviews with the target user groups in order to fill knowledge gaps in their current-state user journey. This additional research showed that significant and fundamental customer needs were not being met with their current solution and through multidisciplinary workshops - I developed a set of 4 MVP hypotheses. 


My role

Scuplting customer journey maps and prototypes

My role in this project included: internal research audit, research sessions to fill knowledge gaps, creating a current-state journey map, leading multidisciplinary client workshops in order to develop 4 MVP hypotheses, putting a human voice these hypotheses by sculpting an ideal-state customer journey maps,  and developing a set of high fidelity prototypes to communicate these visions. The customer journeys took quite awhile to sculpt as I had a mix of qualitative and quanitative data gathered through  3-hour interviews with 6 industrial engineers representing the 2 personas. Relying heavily on Mural boards to capture remote data and synthesize findings with my co-researcher/design team, I ended up creating  journeys highlighting the painpoints of our users and how our innovative MVP solutions proposed to solve them with beautifully user-centric interactions. As an added bonus for each MVP experience, I created a set of interactive prototypes to communicate (and ultimately test) our ideal journeys. 


Communicating Innovation

Making  innovation tangible 

Digital transformation is often a very intagible concept. The tools that we as UX professionals rely on to communicate our  problems and ideas often times do not hold much weight to teams that haven't leveraged the power of them before. It became evident that I would  need to communicate the findings beyond ideal-state user journey maps. The answer was very simple: interactive prototypes. The prototypes were a breeze to throw together as the screens and flows needed to be designed anyways to inform the on-boardning dev teams, but by adding the extra step of interactions meant that our stakeholders could fully understand the vision and empathise with the end users. Another added bonus was that the prototypes were an extremely powerful communication medium utilized in numerous internal trade shows and within a matter of weeks we got the buy-in to not only beef up our team size, but 4 seperate teams reached out to help support part of 'cool innovation project.'

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